Or range of product may seem limited, but when you have something that can change everything what more can you need?


Quantum Particle Entanglement Solution
Our latest and most thrilling product of all time: shared only with the Gods*.
We have worked closely with the greatest minds (stored and "inbodied") down the centuries to realise our dream of releasing close and distant particle entanglement**

*Don't try and tell us there's only one. We've met most of them and you wouldn't invite many of them to your table. Think Herr Hitler or Uncle Joe on a good day and your getting close. In case you didn't know Gods are asexual, which quite sets them apart from the Universes other five genders.
** When we say distant: we mean distant but only in this universe or any future universes you may create.

Full Tutelage and Guidance
Only a few known humans and two dolphins can cope with the complexities of adjusting the laws of physics:we know who they are, and so do they. So this package is essential: . We are always willing to accept up  and coming "Einstein Slayers", but you'll have to pass our CAPTCHA test* Pretty easy when you get the hang of it (you get one trial run only).

*It's not strictly a Turing test: it's just our acronym isn't as snappy.It's more of an electron deception construct with quark blockers.

Worm Hole and Insertion Project
Still in Beta: only because we're suffering delays on feed back from the team, but looking to the future (pun intended) we'll be up and running with this thrilling add on last week.